Francesc Rodríguez’s research draws on the notion of imaginaries to elucidate the co-creation of environmental knowledge and (especially water) policies in manifold human and non-human contexts. His primary case, reflected in his dissertation research, is the reception of Environmental Impact Assessment reports in rural communities involved in water conflicts over dam-building projects. His research is both an attempt to decenter received imaginaries of knowledge embedded in the sustainable development governance framework and to imagine a less anthropocentric position to face the consequences of the climate crisis and other sustainability threats.

After graduating in Sociology at the University of Barcelona in 2008, Francesc obtained a Master’s Degree in History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science at Bielefeld University. In 2011, he entered into the Graduate Programme in Science and Technology Studies at York University in Canada. While there, he completed a PhD with the title: Knowing Water Worlds: a postphenomenological approach to socioenvironmental imaginaries in Costa Rica.

Francesc has international experience in research in various academic contexts. In Spain (2006-2008), he was research assistant with the INCLUD-ED project of the 6th Framework Programme (European Commission). In Canada (2011-2013), he used both discourse and quantitative analysis to explore thousands of articles about epidemic encephalitis published in the 20th century. He did this analysis in the context of the Epidemic Futures Project (supervised by Dr. Kenton Kroker), funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. During his PhD work and in collaboration with Las Nubes Project Conservation, he conducted his own advocacy research approach in rural communities within and adjacent to the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor in Costa Rica (2013-2015). And lastly, during a two-year period as a research associate at the Rhine-Waal University in Germany (2018-2020), he conducted a stakeholder analysis in a circular water project of the ICT4Water Cluster (European Commission).

Currently he is a lecturer in the Chair of Technoscience Studies at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany.

Francesc is member of the Society for Social Studies of Science and the Las Nubes Alumni Chapter in Costa Rica and Canada.

The fun stuff: With a passion for the sport passed down by his mother and father, Francesc is a big football (and basketball) fan and avid supporter of Barça (member number ≈31000). While living and doing research for his PhD in Costa Rica, he rescued a stray dog and adopted it as his canine companion giving it the name Mol. Francesc used to run marathons (5 in total, and dozens of half marathons and 10k), but now he is happy to just walk his canine companion and see what shows up.

Castelldefels, a coastal city near Barcelona, where Francesc grew up.